Swimming pond

A large swimming pond, dug east to west on contour. Originally it will be made using the David Pagan Butler style. This means building the pond so that the deep part of the swimming zone is about equal to the regeneration zone. It will function mainly as a zone 5 habitat for wildlife and us humans. It will not have fish in it and it will use the passive airlift pump that David so elegantly developed.

I would want to develop it so that it is a long, snakelike pond, on contour. On one side of the long pond I would like to have a kind of shelf, which would function as the regeneration zone described by David. Probably facing south so that we can shade the regeneration zone if we need to. It would be wider than the ones he shows in his system, so that we could have some chinampas going into the shallow area of the pond. The deep areas of these could function as shelter zones for small fish, feeding larger fish in the deeper pool. The chinampas would function as food growing areas. Perhaps with the perforated pipes located underneath the chinampas so that they attract the water through the sucking action of the airlift pump.

Then after some time getting to know our system, we can switch up to adding fish and building a hydroponics / aquaponics system.
This means

It will have a greenhouse build right next to it it, or even on top of it, that will help heat and thus circulate the water. Inside the greenhouse we can use tropical plants to filter the water.