People Care

People Care

The Care of People is central in every design.

People are the driving force behind many systems. When these systems take over and subordinate the people in them, things get out of balance very quickly.

When we consciously design the network of relationships, we take into account the available personal energy and how people might interact. We strengthen bonds between family members, neighbours and neighbourhoods by social designs that are implemented over time. These systems can exist in the social sphere or in the physical sphere but most often overlap.

One simple example is the mini library.
This concept might seem trivial but it goes quite deep. Enabling people to freely share books amongst eachother generates trust; trust in the broader society and each other. We will get to know our neighbours better through reading similar books and have a place to meet and share. Perhaps the tiny library evolves into a small stall, where we can share other things like plants or clothes, offer help and request it. A small design implementation opens the door to sharing a whole lot more than books.

By understanding our own needs and limitations we can design for cultural transformation that benefits people as well as the earth.