Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Bram van Overbeeke, and I joke sometimes that I design Human Habitat.

For the majority of human history we lived in balance with nature;  we had cultures, traditions and a love for the land that kept us in that balance.

I believe that through proper design and attention we can create that caring situation again. Now and in the future.

Most often I design for people that wish to live a more sustainable life. Folks that imagine a garden, home and lifestyle, that is close to nature. Growing their own food without turning their home and garden into a large scale farming operation. Something that is appropriate to their skills and scale.

Edible landscaping, kitchen gardens, natural swimming pools, energy conservation and production, food forests, waterwise gardening; these are some of the terms used when we design your ideal living space. Both inside and outside.

A balance between simplicity and function. The designs range from small balconies through urban lots to houses and large scale farms.

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