Nature Awareness and 8-Shields Course

What if we deeply felt our connections with nature and life in every moment of our days and in every action we take?

To create truly life-sustaining and life-regenerating cultures and places – as Permaculture and other movements aim to do – we as humans need to nourish and become aware of these ever present connections.

Over several decades the Nature Awareness movement has worked in many countries to help people find this awareness again. And to help children grow up with that awareness. To remember the network of connections we have with the rest of nature. Through rediscovering these connections, a model for connecting people to nature evolved. It is based upon existing patterns in nature, patterns like the times of day, the seasons, the growth patterns of trees, human stages in life, and human stages of growth.

This model is called ‘8 Shields’ and teaches us how to connect people with people, people with nature and people with themselves. It is a model for rebuilding nature loving communities, re-awaken nature loving cultures.
By stepping into this model of what culture does, we get a deep sense of how we can live regeneratively on the earth.

On the 18th and 19 of September, Peter and Bram will share the deep wisdom of the 8 shields and invite you to dive into Nature Awareness.

Do you feel called to help children and adults reconnect with nature?

Are you engaged in creating a culture that appreciates and regenerates life?

Do you want to weave strong communities in your daily life and work?


Who will be facilitating this course?

Peter Cow

Peter took his PDC in 1998, and gained his Permaculture Diploma in 2007, apprenticing with the wonderful Aranya Gardens and started running his own PDCs in 2012. Alongside land based design, he has been very involved with People Permaculture: exploring ways to expand the use of Permaculture, using its principles and design to support our relationships, groups, families, organisations and personal growth. He has worked with Looby MacNamara, author of ‘People and Permaculture’ since 2013, leading Facilitator Trainings and Design courses. He co-creates immersive and empowering learning experiences that connect people more deeply to nature, themselves and their community. Peter also works with Jon Young and the ‘8 Shields’ movement internationally, running events and supporting organisations to share nature connection and cultural healing practices and principles to enrich our lives and communities. For more information visit his website

Bram van Overbeeke

Bram van Overbeeke is a Permaculture designer and cultural creative. He has been involved in environmental activism and permaculture for over ten years and is a life-long student of his biggest teacher, nature. Having gained his experience in the field, he now puts his actions into words and aims to teach what he has learned. In the past years he has become involved in the Nature Awareness movement and has studied Eco-psychology, working to translate his experience into a compassionate, culture building story for the future.

Further information [this needs to be edited as well]:

The event will take place on Saturday, with the possibility to camp both the 18th and 19th of September.
Arrival will be between 9 and 9:45. The event starts at 10:00 in the morning and finish at 20:00 on Sunday, with an invitation to stay longer, celebrate and socialize for those that are able.
Location: Marathonas, Attica. The exact directions to the location will be communicated in the emails leading up to the course.
Language: English
Both lunch and dinner, coffee and tea will be provided. Everything will be vegan and organic with vegetarian options.
For us to give this course and share good food we ask you to consider a price between 35 and 55 Euro’s per day. If this price is an obstacle to you attending this course, please contact us and we will figure something out ^_^

The minimum amount of people for this course to go through is 10 registered participants by the end of may.

Come and join us in exploring how the 8 shields can inspire and transform your work and your engagement with the world!